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Join our boxing and kickboxing sparring classes and challenge yourself to take your skills to new heights. Experience the thrill of applying your techniques in real-time and develop the confidence and resilience needed for competitive combat sports. Get ready to push your limits and unleash your inner warrior!


Your Questions

No problem! Our trainers are highly experienced and can modify your training to suit your individual needs.

Our programs involve kickboxing, boxing, weightlifting and cardio. Our program is designed to help you achieve your goals, gain confidence, and find your inner fighter. We will bring you to your highest potential.

In your first class, one of our coaches will be focused on teaching you the basic moves of boxing / kickboxing. You will complete a workout based on your individual fitness and experience level. Our trainers will supervise you to ensure proper form.

Our core values that we strive to instill in our youth clients are: discipline, respect, perseverance, and confidence. They will learn rules and technique of boxing and kickboxing while having fun.

Yes, everyone starts somewhere! We will assess your ability and cater the workout based on your needs. Together we will work to achieve your goals.

Consistency is key! Consistent workouts + Consistent healthy habits = results. Every person is different, we will work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

I don’t have energy to work out! o Answer: Optimising your health is a holistic process! Getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and the right exercise program are all important parts in becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Will K.O. Club be different? o Answer: At K.O. Club we aren’t focused on the weight on the scale. It is important to focus on your body composition. The best way to track your progress is with before and after photos. You might be losing fat while gaining muscle. That may contribute to not seeing a change on the scale. Work with us to build a plan tailored to your specific goals.